With the mix of physical therapy and exercise training,
we help you stay from from injuries and pain. Do the things you love.

What is REVIVAL?

REVIVAL represents the new dimension of physical therapy anda pioneering state of mind in clinical treatment. Aiming to cater for every personal needs of our patients, we revive your body with the help of our hands and exercises.

More about us

Pain modulation

We know at best about the human body.

Injuries prevention

Prevention is better than cure. Learning how to avoid secondary injuries from our therapist’s attentive care and education

Core Values

The quintessential of physical therapy starts with a dialogue. Successful conversation guides us to find what you need
To help our body get out of pain, manual therapy serves to calm down nerve signals, and together with exercises, we learn to move in a new perspective
Set up a detailed, tailor-made rehab plan specifically for your needs. All-inclusive with follow-up and refinement exercises

1 to 1 Physcial Therapy

We do our best to treat the root cause not the symptoms. The best treatment always goes along with detaied history taking and attentive assessment.

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