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callout icon1 to 1 Physcial Therapy

 We dissect and locate the source of pain. The best rehabilitative plan sometimes is the most integrative method. #referral #paintreatment callout icon

callout iconPre/Post-ACLR rehab and training  

From consultation prior to your surgery, to pain management and exercise programming after surgery, we have got it all covered. This will be tailored to your own sports-specific needs. Follow the plan, we can get you stronger than before. #aclr #exercisetherapy callout icon

callout iconPost-surgery rehabilitation

Immobilization periods after a surgery can cause significant adhesions. Revival team adopts a well-established rehab protocol to get you back to work or to play the sports you love. #myofascialrestoration #adhesion callout icon

callout iconSenior Fitness & Exercise

Designed for the elder population, this program aims to improve mobility, strength, balance and cardio-vascular endurance which are essential to fight off mebolic syndrom like diatebes. #sarcopenia #osteoporosis callout icon

callout iconSpinal Health / Postural Correction

Once our specialist identidfies the type of scoliosis, we then aim to realign the spine to a more biomechanical advantagous position with exercises. #bodybalance #roundshoulder #pelvictilting callout icon

callout iconSleep Restoration

There is a lot to know from just palpation of joints in the skull. Cranial-sacral therapy offers more than just “feeling” the harmony of the spine and skull, it booots the central nervous system to promote rest. #insonmia #lightsleeper #migraine

Revival Experience

REVIVAL adopts an exercise-based apporach. Different from hands-on massage, or chiropractic treatment, we hope to build fundamental strength that will enable you to have a better foundation of healthy body.

  1. Initial Assesement – Based on your pain levels, posture, movement patterns, we conduct our preliminary examination to facilitate better exercise prescription and guide us to reiieve tension in your body
  2. Manual & Exercise Therapy – Depending on the issue, we will apply myofascial release, joint mobilization when appropriate. The combination of hands-on and movement-guided approach gives the body new inputs so we can move better.
  3. Patient Education – We don’t just treat, we are here to teach you how to prevent injuries. So it is important to us that you know what to do to avoid secondary damage.


How long is the time of treatment ? Your initial assessment and treatment lasts one hour. Follow up visits are either 30 or 60 minutes depending on your therapist’s recommendation. Is therapy include in the first treatment ? Yes. After thorough history taking and evaluation, we start the therapy off with either modality, manual releases or exercses. What do I need to bring for the first treatment? Please bring along your diagnosis certificate. Also bring a pair of shorts if you wish to treated on your lower extremity for the ease of inspection. Are REVIVAL physical therapists qualified to conduct treatment? Everyone of us are accrediated by the MInistry of Examination. Our certificates are issued and empowered by the Ministry of Health and Welfare. Licensing details are monitored by the Physical Therapist Worker Union in Taipei.