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歐灝洋 物理治療師 體能訓練師

James Au, PT ,CSCS

Sports Injury | ACLR Rehab | Weightlifting Injuries James is a registered physical therapist and certified strength and conditioning specialist, founder of REVIVAL Physical Therapy. He graduated from Kaohsiung Medical University with doube degree in Sports Medicine and Physical Therapy. He focuses on bridging the gap of sports therapy and training in hopes of helping more athletes to recover from injuries. James has great desire in make use of his unique cross backgraound to change the orthodox impression of physical therapy. Partnering with personal trainers and recreational centers, he is trying to spread the knowledge of physical therapy on the basis of bilateral communication. Chief Physical Therpay Consultant - ESEN Medical Healthcare Platform EXOS - XPS, Sports Performance Specialist NSCA - CSCS, Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist Former Kaohsiung American School associate coach

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施昊恩 物理治療師 肌力體能教練

Mike Shih, PT

Sports Injury | Weightlifting Injuries | Post-surgery rehab | Senior Fitness Mike is a registered physical therapist, and strength and conditioning coach. His ample experience in the sports of swimming, cycling, marathon and bodybuilding has given him an indepth knowledge of sports injury treatment and prevention. Mike is also a keen and eager learner. He is perfecting his art in exercise therapy by keeping himself updated with continuing education courses. He wants to help more in the elder population and those living sedentary to live a better life, to move with a better body. Mike believes that exercise is the ultimate medicine to cure pain and diseases. And by practicing what he preaches, can he make and conduct the most effective treatment. Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilization A&B&C (Czech) Kinectic Control S1 (England) Dynamic Taping I-II (Australia) Redcord Suspension Training (Norway)

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劉又瑞 物理治療師

Ray Liu, PT, DPT

Sports Injuries | Athletic Training | Vestibular Rehabilitation Ray is a licensed physical therapist in the United States. Shortly after acquiring his Doctor in Physical Therapy, he came back to practice in Taiwan and founded Honest Sport. Ray specializes in relieving myofasical tension, movement training to help patients regain better biomechanics for demands in sports. Ray was a former associate physical therapist with Taipei First Girls High School. He owns a great depth of knowledge in athletic trainig from being courtside with sports teams. In hopes of helping more athletes and fitness enthusiasts, he plans to spread the idea of incorporating physical therapy into daily lifestyle. By refining the body to its optimal condition, and having a balance between living and sports training, he can truly help people to prevent iujuries. Doctor in Physical Therapy, Loma Linda University EMT-1 , Taipei Emergency Medcial Technician Association Former TFGHS Athletic Trainer

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王顗翔 物理治療師

Zoey Wang

Sports Injuries | Cranial-Sacral Therapy | Neuromuscular balance Zoey is passionate of sports. She loves mountain climbing and tennis. Her interest in sports kinesiology and sports injuries sparks her carrer in physical therapy. She has great communication skills and is well beloved by her patients. Zoey understands the importance of preventative rehabilitation so that you can move better. She is here to help you acheive your goals with both hands-on therapy and exercsie prescription. For the best of your care, Zoey will be her best to be your rehab partner. Zoey also specializes in treating people who have troubles sleeping, headache or migraine. Cranial-sacral Therapy, The Upledger Institude Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilization A(Czech)

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蕭卲軒 物理治療師 (蕭幫)

James Hsiao, PT

Shoulder Injuries | ACLR Rebab | Running Injuries Hsiao follows the principles of "listening, attention, communication" in his apprach in physical therapy. He believes that by treating with sincereity he can help each and everyone to build resiiency in their own lives. His rich experience in clinical practice has helped him to elevate this treatment methodology. Aside from being a physical therapist, he is also a trainer at RunBase, a running clinic for marathon athletes, and in his spare time he volunteers at the Eden Social Welfare Foundation to help the underpriviledged. Hsiao is currently studying at National Taiwan Univeristy for his master degree in physical therapy. He strives to promote physical therapy to a broader level. When you are injured, physical therapists are your best partner. BSc in Physical Therapy, National Taiwan University RunBase associate trainer Contract Speaker at Eden Social Welfare Foundation Consultant at NTUMPHP

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張喬筑 物理治療師

Chiao Chang, PT

Sports Injuries | Scoliosis Correction Chiao received her bachelor in physical therapy from National Cheng Kung University. She is well-equipped with skills in manual therapy and exericse therapy for treating pain and diseases related to movement. Chiao spent a great deal of time in Barcelona to learn scoliosis correction from the founder of BSPTS Institute. She hopes to empower patients in the most scientific and evidence-based approach. She urges patients to forget tradtional presumption of scoliosis correction "Wait and See", that the pathological changes of scoliosis can only be changed with time. She believes that patients should take a proactive attitude on correcting spinal problems. Schroth C1 Certificate - Barcelona Scoliosis Phyiscal Therapy School

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